Who we are:
iTurity is a mobile device repair company based in Austin, Texas.
• We service and maintain mobile devices used in school districts and large enterprise, primarily iPads, Chromebooks, and  phones/tablets of all varieties.
• We are NOT a retail business: we are structured to process large quantities, fast.

Our Purpose:
• To offer schools and business a fast, yet affordable means to keep their mobile device at 100% functionality.

Our Service:
iTurity offers both pay as you go, and protection plans to handle the repairs of your deployments devices.
• We provide all of the packaging and shipping labels.
• Devices will be repaired and returned within 2-3 business days of reception.

Why choose iTurity?
• Many other warranty–and out-of-warranty–companies provide mobile device repair services, BUT, with a higher cost and substantially longer turnaround.
• We focus our resources on superior customer service and quality repairs.
• We’re on your side: We strive to make client experience as easy and simple as possible.
Our dedicated team has been repairing mobile devices for over 21 years!