The makers of BlackBerry, Research In Motion Ltd., stated recently that its new operating system, BlackBerry 10 is going through its final testing before being licensed to manufacturers.

One of the long-standing features of BlackBerry supported devices that is no longer seen on most other smart phones has been the physical keyboard. Reportedly, the first BlackBerry 10 phones will no longer have the physical keyboard. The touch screen keyboard was one of the features most touted during a recent presentation by Research In Motion’s new CEO. One of the features that has keep some users attached to their BlackBerry phones instead of going to an iPhone was the physical keyboard – so it’s unclear if those users will continue to be BlackBerry fanatics once the physical keyboard is missing.

One new feature in BlackBerry 10 is the operating system’s ability to search through all of your communications and contacts to essentially build a dictionary of contact names. For those of us with a lot of friends named Bob, this may not be very useful. However, if you have a lot of friends or relatives that aren’t normally found in a standard English dictionary, it will save you from having to manually input their names every time you want to send them a text message.

The BlackBerry 10 feature that most distinguishes it from the rest however, has to do with the new camera. After you take a picture, you can actually go back three seconds and see if an image taken during the three seconds prior was actually better. Apple has a similar application to this, but it will be a standard feature in phones with BlackBerry 10.