The long awaited Google tablet has finally hit the market, supported by the new Jelly Bean Android operating system! In fact, it’s been so popular, that the 16GB version is sold out online.

By introducing a relatively affordable (read: under $250) tablet, Google is allowing itself to compete with the iPad in the business world. When iPads were first introduced, they were mostly purchased by individuals looking for the latest toy or a bigger version of their treasured iPhone. Now, more and more businesses are purchasing iPads for their employees and implementing new applications that make getting business done on the go. By introducing a similar, yet more affordable option, the Android based tablets can position themselves as an alternative for a large business looking to outfit its entire staff. The Jelly Bean operating system itself also includes some great business features, such as Google Now. Google Now syncs your calendar and gives you appointment reminders, which is essential for any professional on the road.

The Nexus 7 also features some of the great Google features that you can currently get on your desktop or Android supported phone. Google Chrome, the search giant’s internet browser, has been tweaked specifically for its use on the tablet. The Nexus 7 also comes with Google Currents automatically loaded onto the tablet. Google Currents is an RSS reader that is incredibly user friendly, taking what you read and turning it into what essentially looks like an e-magazine. Because both Google Chrome and Google Currents come already loaded on the Nexus 7, they’re essentially free.