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Protection Plans

iTurity’s hardware repair plan solves a major problem for the enterprise and educational systems that are adopting mobile devices into their workforce and curriculums. Our goal is to keep your organization’s mobile devices at 100% functionality for a low flat rate. iTurity eliminates the varying costs and hassles of not being protected when an accident or malfunction occurs. Our extensive list of the most common damages that we repair ensures that your devices stay operational. One Flat Fee Covers:

  • Broken/Cracked Glass Screen
  • Non-Responsive Touch screen
  • LCD Damage
  • Display Issues
  • Non-Operational Home Button
  • Charging Port Damage
  • Batteries That Are Not Consumer Replaceable
  • Backlight Issues
  • Ear Speaker
  • Power Buttons
  • Headphone Jack/Aux Input
  • Microphone Issues
  • Broken Cameras
  • Speakerphone Issues
  • Mute/Volume Buttons
  • Software Issues
  • Wifi Issues
  • Water Damage

In rare cases, a device may be absolutely irreparable or totaled. iTurity can provide replacement devices if needed.